Technology enhancements, improved financial literacy levels, and a more engaged public, consumer and business owner are creating new advisory opportunities

Open the doors to a deeper and broader relationship

Transactional accounting, like compliance, looks at the past performance. Advisory services add value by identifying options for the future based on factual knowledge.

Cloud Accounting NI through its consultancy service, Cogno, uses data intelligence for a deeper and broader relationship with our clients. We now have higher levels of service and communication.

The accountant as a trusted adviser

Almost 500 SMEs surveyed in the Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting Industry Study 2016 reported that they believe they have a “trusted adviser” relationship with their accountant.

The research also revealed that around 83 per cent of accountants can still influence bookkeeping/accounting software purchases in the move towards further automation and the cloud,” he says.

We recommend cloud solutions to our clients. It is more efficient to be in a real-time position with your business adviser. The advice is much more proactive.

The move towards predictive accounting has started

Predictive accounting provides an opportunity for professional accountants to better engage with their clients by using their database, software, readily available benchmarks and analytical tools to unlock opportunities as they arise.

The future is about better knowing our clients and extending oour service offer by adding value to the work you have already done.

Our clients don’t care about how we add things up. What they do care about is the customer journey. How we spot opportunities in real-time and flag them. How we stay in touch with them on transactions and how we speak their language.

For this, predictive accounting is a game-changer. It lets us focus on advice and consulting on complex, challenging issues. It lets us play a more involved and significant role for our clients.

Preparing for industry-wide transformation

Cloud Accounting (NI) is heavily involved in correctly setting your clients up in the cloud for bookkeeping and business intelligence solutions. We then check in frequently with clients and help keep them on track.