Referral “Give £1k & Get £1k T&C’s

Terms & Conditions

Section 1: A referral ("Offer") is deemed to take place when:

a) The Referrer ("Giver") subscribes to recieve a unique link by email and

b) this unique link is presented by the Receiver ("Getter") to Cloud Accounting (NI) and

c) the Getter signs up to one of Cloud Accounting (NI) monthly subscriptions under a Letter of Engagement

d) The Getter continues to engage and pay Cloud Accounting (NI) as subscription, by Direct Debit for a period of not less than 6 months.

Section 2: Getter Credit:

The Getter will receive a credit to the equivalent of TWO month's subscription fee for Cloud Accounting (NI) if:

The Getter sets up a Direct Debit for the agreed monthly subscription

Pay this Direct Debit for SIX consecutive months.

The monetary value is based on the monthly subscription when they first signed up to Cloud Accounting (NI) services.

The Getter's credit accrued will be deducted from the monthly subscription for month's 7 & 8 after sign up.

Getter's can earn a credit up to a maximum of £1,000.

Getter's are entitled to earn Giver's credit.

Section 3: Giver Credit:

If the above conditions are met in section 1, The Giver will receive credit, with a monetary value of the equivalent of TWO months, which they can use against Cloud Accounting (NI) services at the latest hourly charge out rate.

The Giver credit will expire 12 months after the initial letter of Engagement of Engagement was first signed by the Getter.

The maximum credit any one Giver can claim over the lifetime of the Offer is £5,000.

The Giver Credit cannot be used by any other party.

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