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We know small businesses struggle with understanding tax also find form filling a nuisance.
Cloud Accounting takes all that pain away - we deal with HMRC for all your business and personal taxes – as experts we can perform these tasks efficiently.
But that is not all, for we also help your business avail of tax reliefs and allowances you would never have known about, saving you money!
We deal with the following taxes, leaving you with peace of mind:
- Corporation Tax
- Personal Tax
- Dividends
- Inheritance Tax
- Capital Gain Tax
- R&D Tax credits
- EIS & SEIS and Entrepreneur's Relief


Many small businesses operate in a very competitive marketplace. Many have fine margins, and struggle with profitability, cashflow despite long hours.

Cloud Accounting can develop strategies to transform your business and support controlled business growth, which in many cases, aims to increase sales, reduced overheads and improve cashflow.
We develop these strategies using a set of tools and a process bespoke to your business such as:
- High level Strategy sessions
- Develop Online Business Plans & Update in a Collaborative way
- Financial Budgeting & Forecasts
- Overhead Review with the aim of removing waste
- Establishing Key Performance Indicators to measure your progress
- Cashflow and Funding advice

COGNO – Predictive Analytics at your Service
As well as this, we will soon be announcing something very unique amongst accountants in the UK.

We are calling it Cogno™ – a Predictive Analytics Service.

What is this I hear you ask? Well, remember Minority Report, the film Tom Cruise could see the future and prevent crime before it happened, well, Cogno™ can do the same for your business, by, for example, predicting the products customers will buy when, where and how!

Excited? We are - LAUNCHING SOON


What a pain back office administration is. Small businesses spend up to 25% of their time getting their heads around finance with questions such as:
- what expenses are deductible?
- do i apply VAT on this item?
- how do I account for a new machine?
- have I set payroll up properly?
- how do we report to HMRC every time we pay our staff?
- what do these financial reports mean?
- how can I drill down into the relevant detail?
- how can I automate cash collection?
- which software will offer me loan decisions immediately?

At Cloud Accounting (NI) we give you back a significant amount of this time through software automation, allowing you to focus on growing your business

We will give you a low cost (£25 - £100 per month) enterprise software solution that large corporates would be jealous of!

Not only that, but it means you don’t need to employ an in-house bookkeeper or a finance manager, resulting in significant salary savings!**

The future for business is #NoAdmin (you yes can follow our hashtag for useful hints and tips!).

Services we Offer:

  • Bespoke software review
  • Implement your new Accounting, Payroll, Job Costing, Project Management, Point of Sale & Customer Relationship Management software*
  • Experts in Xero / FreeAgent / Sage / Quickbooks / Receiptbank / Vend to name but a few. Check out our Software page at cloudaccountingni.com for more detail.

*all of this software integrates which means you only ever enter data once (no duplicates) and it works online on all devices (PC,s tablets, mobiles) so you can keep an eye on your business wherever you are.

**up to £50k per annum potential savings for your business

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